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Solar Panels for Homes and Commercial Use

The number of Solar System installations for households and commercial properties has dramatically increased over the past few years. The manufacturing costs of solar panel systems have decreased whilst the cost of electricity has steadily increased, making investing in a solar system a much more financially viable option to help combat the rising cost of living. What is a solar system? Simply put, solar systems comprise of a number of different components that absorbs the sun’s rays and converts them into electricity. We can then use that electricity instead of purchasing it from an electricity retailer – therefore saving money on our daily cost of living.

A solar system is designed with these key factors in mind:

  • Daily average energy consumption
  • Energy usage patterns
  • Location and orientation of property
  • Feed-in tariff rate

Installing solar to your home or business can offer many long-lasting benefits to you. After the initial upfront investment for the installation of a solar system, you will save money from the lower or possibly eliminated electricity bills which will allow you to recoup your investment. Not all solar panels are made to the same quality standards, so always choose quality solar panels to reap the benefits of your investment. Do some research, refer to the factory specifications sheet and visit the Clean Energy Council website for more information.

Am I Able to Have Solar Panels on My House?

There are a few prerequisites to take into consideration when installing solar panels. Prerequisites such as - the necessary roof structure to support the solar panels, the age of your roof (is it due for replacement in the near future), what direction is your roof facing, is your roof partially shaded or will be in the future, and do you have permission to install solar panels on your roof? Our expert team of consultants will go through these questions to ensure that you get the best product for your individual circumstances.


Can You Earn Money from Solar Panels?

Without knowing what size unit you need as well as considerations such as feed-in tariff rates, the angle of your roof, and your average energy consumption usage, it is difficult to provide an estimate of “how much money you can earn” from solar panels. But what we can say with certainty is that our specialist team will ensure that they will thoroughly determine your needs and design a solar system that will save you money long term.


How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

This too will depend upon the size of the solar system you require to meet your energy consumption needs. The position of your roof and how much shade covers your roof are also taken into consideration. Our friendly team will be able to provide you with an exact number once they obtain some information pertaining to your requirements.

What Is a Stand Alone Solar System?

A Stand Alone Solar System is exactly that. It is a solar system that ‘stands alone’ from the main electricity grid. During the day, solar power travels through the solar controller to charge the battery bank. The power is also used to power the household during the day. By the end of the day, the battery bank should be fully charged so the battery can power the household through the night. The next day the solar panels replace the power consumed through the night and power the house during the day.


What Is a Grid Connect Solar System?

Grid Connect Solar Systems are solar panels that connect to the main electricity grid removing the need for a battery bank. The Grid Connect Solar System is comprised of two major components: a solar array (solar panels) and a solar inverter. Power produced by the solar panels travels through to the solar inverter which is then converted to 240V AC power. The solar inverter is connected to the main electricity meter of your house, so during the day, the solar inverter can power your household first. If the solar inverter is making more power than the house is using at the time, the surplus power flows into the main electricity grid.

Our professional staff have over 18 years of experience in all areas of solar.  We ensure that we create a solar system solution to fulfil your needs. After consulting with you and determining your unique requirements we will provide you with a free, no obligation quote. We offer a 5 year workmanship guarantee on our work, plus our panels come with a 25 year power warranty and 12 year product warranty. Contact us today and see how you can start saving money.


What Is a Hybrid Solar System?

Solar Hybrid is the integration of a stand alone and grid connected solar system. Unlike a standard grid connect system, a solar hybrid has the capability to capture the excess solar energy produced during the day and store it into a battery energy storage system (BESS). Once the sun goes down, you start using the stored solar energy. When the batteries are depleted, the system will instantly switch back over to the grid automatically, unless the BESS has enough capacity to cover all night time loads.

Can I Install a Caravan or Motorhome Solar System?

Most Caravan or Motorhome solar systems are, in essence, small scale stand alone solar systems. They consist of a small solar panel, solar controller, battery bank and at times, an inverter to convert DC power to 240V AC power. The number of panels and batteries required for these systems is determined by the amount of power the caravan or motorhome will use in the course of a day. The beauty of caravan or motorhome solar is that you can customise the system to suit your needs. So whether you prefer to free-camp all the time and remain independent of powered sites – or only need a couple of day’s power until you reach your next powered site – A1Batterypro can help you design a system to suit your needs.


Can I Install a Commercial Solar System?

Some businesses have monthly electricity bills that can run into the 10s of thousands. Air conditioning large open spaces, industrial machinery, large offices, and non-energy efficient lights are just a few causes for high electricity consumption for businesses. These costs are usually passed onto the consumer. The most commonly used solar system for businesses is the grid connect system but they can also use a stand alone system. Our A1 Batterypro specialist team can analysis your business power consumption needs and develop a solar system that could potentially save you thousands of dollars.


Our Completed Projects for Commercial & Residential

61.07kw Grid Connect Solar System


94.05kw Grid Connect Solar System


2kw Stand Alone Solar System


5kw Grid Connect Solar System

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